Problem with my D100


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Jan 28, 2006
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Please help me!!!

Since three days ago, my camera started to have this dot in all the picture. I'm new at this, but I seem to be some dust somewhere inside the camera. I made sure the lense is clean, and when I took the lense off, I see the inside is pretty clean too. Please tell me how to fix this problem. The dot is at 1 o'clock position.
Thanks in advance for all the help
It looks like dust on the sensor to me. Your choices are either try blowing the sensor the sensor youself (read your manual for advice on how to do this, it depends on your type of camera - be careful! you don't want to scratch your sensor or make the problem worse) or you can send it off to be cleaned.

there's a few sites that give advice on sensor cleaning and there are sensor cleaning kits you can buy. But as I said - be very careful!

Do a mirror lock and clean the sensor with a bellow...
You can also give it to the nearest store for a clean...

Thanks everyone...I'll bring it to the shop today...I hope they can clean it.
I have a D70 and have used this sensor cleaning product many times very successfully. It's a more srastic approach than a blower, but it makes sure the dust doesn't just get blown around a bit and show up somewhere else. I'm sure others here will vouch for the product (this is where I found out about it)

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