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Jun 3, 2003
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Hello - Im new here. Can anyone help me re processing 35mm film. What IS the difference (apart from cost) from using a professional lab and a HIgh street one and this includes sending pictures out.

Can anyone recommend good places to use. Im just getting a few commission here and there, and I want the best quality pictures but cant yet justify huge costs to people so need to keep costs down. I dont want to send pics away as they might get lost. Should I get them developed at the High street and prints done professionally, or do High Street process differently and so ruin chance of a good print professionally?

Please let me know your experiences? Thanks
You get what you pay for. If you are going to take pictures for resale, use a good lab that will give you good consistent results. Not only for the sake of your customer, but for your sake too. When you consistently show and sell good prints, it will help your business too. Believe me, the word gets out. Price your work for profit that reflects the quality of your work, and who knows, later the prices of your work could go up too.
All I do is take my roll to Walmart for cheap 1 hr. The Fuji Frontier is IMHO the best of any 1 hr mini lab. Then if there are prints that I like, I take them to a pro lab. The only difference is in the print. The negatives get processed the same.

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