Professionally asking a model what they're comfortable with wearing??


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Aug 16, 2020
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So a friend of mine excitedly volunteered to do some shoots with me and we have done some already. But I want to ask her what she is comfortable wearing for a shoot and obviously not creep her out or scare her away because she has been the source of some of my best shots so far. I just want to see what she's willing to shoot and be comfortable with me still.

I would like to have practice with boudoir type shoots, I have only had one opportunity to do so and that's because I was asked to do it. I want to be professional about all this and again, make her comfortable with shooting with me. Any help would be appreciated.
Print out some sample poses with the particular type of dress that cover the gamut of options you're looking at. She can say "I'm comfortable with this" and "this? NFW!" or whatever. But making it visual, giving examples, is really good for dealing with topics like this.
Put together a mood board with samples of the types of photos you want to shoot. Send it to her and ask if she is comfortable with them.

*Advise* Do not drift from the mood board samples during the shoot unless she suggests it or you will break the trust she has for you.
Just ask.
This. You don't want to be beating around the bush, especially during the shoot. Models/humans know when something is off and you will come off as a creep if you don't be up front. That said, I have done shoots that led into nudes but I am very direct about it.
Personally, I'd ask directly first then get a mood board ready. Model should be either yes or a no from the get-go.

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