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Dec 28, 2011
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What I mainly shoot are nature, portraits, low light settings (clubs, quinces, etc.) and car photography. I am now worried about what size my photos should be when putting them onto a CD. I basically want them paying for High Res shots that will be on the CD unless of course they want prints, but that's a different story. Any help here? What is the general size you guys use for your images when putting them onto a CD for a client. Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been discussed before, I did a little research and then got fed up because I am at work lol.
Depends on the size of print. I give out low res up to 400kb or so jpegs. They can make a 6 x 8 OK. For an 8 x 10 they should be above 1000kb, prefer 1500kb at the lowest..

I am offering museums highest res files (20 to 150mb) now in place of prints. Many museums are in trouble with the limited space as well as high conservation costs. So I am trying to make it easier for them to say yes. The high res image files will allow them to make prints for display or use low res jpegs for editorial use.
Whatever size it needs to be; all of my digital products are delivered in standard print sizes unless otherwise specified by the client, and in the highest possible resolution.

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