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Mar 7, 2007
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Has anyone used BOTH of these programs? Big cost difference but didn't know how much better producer was over gold. Obviously I want to be able to make something nice and professional that doesn't take a lot of time. Anyone have any slideshows to share using either program????
Nope neither, though I recommend Adobe premier and adobe after effects you can make a nice photo slide show in minutes.
I have both gold and producer.
The reason I bought Producer was that you had a ton more control over the music, and could get funky with layers, etc.
It's definately worth the few extra bucks, IMO.
I have Gold and it's a great program...but I quickly found some things that were limiting....and the more expensive program does allow for a lot more control.

As a business purchase, I would recommend Producer over Gold.
I bought Producer last year and it is always freezing up on me. i like what it does, but it takes me a VERY long time to get anything done, because I'm contantly restarting. Its a good thing that it auto-saves!
I have Gold. I like what I can create with it as I think too many different things can look cheesy. But, I'm sad that I haven't yet figured out a way to do much with the music.
I also have both and as mentioned by Elsaspet, the layers is the most important thing to me.

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