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    hey, i'm not very familar with photoshop..i can do the basics (clone stamp, Healing brush) but i asked someone about changing the colour of a sky while increasing sharpness they said change the filter?...wat does the filter do and wood it work?


    How can i change colour of hair..i try selecting it with the wand and going to select then colour range. i think this is wrong

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    Changing the colour of the sky and increasing the sharpness are 2 different things and both can be easily done in PS 7.

    Here's what you would do if you want to keep the natural blue of the sky but just enhance it a bit.:
    To change the colour of the sky, select Image, New adjustment layer, Hue and Saturation. Then select Blue from the drop down menu and drag the hue slider slightly to the right - this will make all your blues slightly purple (or a more richer blue). Then you can drag the saturation slider slightly to the right as well to increase saturation.
    Do the same but when you have Cyan selected from the drop down menu.

    Now to increase sharpness, select the layer you want sharpened. Go Filter - Sharpen - Unsharp Mask. And fiddle with those settings until you get something that looks nice. Be careful of thick white lines around subjects that can appear when you over sharpen.

    Hope this helps you a bit.

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