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Jun 7, 2012
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if you don't at least tear up a bit when little Jackie Paper comes no more, you have no soul.

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I've loved this song sing I was a little girl. Thanks for bringing back the memories.
What you've suspected is true then, Pix...I've always hated that song. :meh:

Having puffed the magic dragon, I love this song.
I use to do some magic stuff but it wasn't always puffed.
I prefer Vaporizer the Magic Dragon.

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They're talking about drugs. There, I said it.

This is going to turn into a tell-all thread. :cheer:

But what's not to love? It is beautiful before, during and after IMHO.
*leans over and takes an iPod pic*

They're talking about drugs. There, I said it.


Well, it was still sad when Puff could no longer be brave.

Puff's attitude annoyed me as a child, and still does. He's a dragon - "a dragon lives forever". Are we really supposed to believe that little Jackie Paper was his first friend...? His ONLY friend...? That throughout his lifetime he never had friends grow old and leave, or die? These questions bothered me!

Stop whining, Puff! :x Go fly over a mountain and find a new kid to have adventures with. Geez. Or a Mrs. Puff!

...I wasn't much of a Girl Scout, either.


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