Sad Day In My Neighborhood.= Plane Crash


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Mar 24, 2013
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Really Sad day here in CT and 1 block over from where I live as a Twin engine plane crashed through home.The Latest update was the pilot and son on board are dead among a 13 year old and baby found in the home after fire crew got the ball of flames under control.This happen just before 12 noon today.Most of us thought it was loud thunder at first and until we seen the flames. The rescue and investigiation still on going on scene with Surrounding towns - police and rescue joined forces to help in this unfortunate tragedy. I feel so sad but very very fortunate at the same time.
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I saw that on the news earlier. Never expected it to be close to anyone I knew though. It's a small world.
What a horrific event! :( And practically in your own back yard, too. Not much we can do in the face of such tragedy...maybe hug your loved ones close? :heart:
I have three boys ages 11,13,14 and we where all in our home at the time.So yea big hugs indeed.
I can relate. About 20 years ago I was an IT consultant at a plant completely across the county. My wife called and said that she had heard on the radio that there was an airplane crash in the vicinity of where we live. I blew home, listening to the events on the radio the whole way, and it sounded like it was right on top of us. Luckily, for us, it was about a half mile away from us.
last year, I got a message from my wife that police had secured several blocks around our sons elementary school because there was someone with a gun on the roof of a building right next to the school.
I was just over there. Sad news.
Wow--glad you and yours are okay, but what a tragedy.

There have been several small plane crashes around here, but so far (at least in the past few years, that I'm aware of) no results nearly that tragic. We have had a couple of crashes where the pilot died, and a couple where it damaged part of someone's home.

Recently, on my way home, I heard a report of a small plane that had crashed ON THE ROAD, just about a mile from me. Fortunately, it didn't hit any vehicles. That road is VERY near the home of some friends of mine who are all private pilots, so I was anxious to get home and make sure they were all safe and sound. I got home, only to see on FB a report that the pilot was "John Doe," the husband of the pilot family I'm friends with, and that he had sustained serious injuries.

I was just about to call his wife, but something kept bothering me...then I realized what it was. "John Doe" had just had a quadruple bypass less than a week earlier!! I was pretty sure that even HE wouldn't be flying a plane less than a week after that kind of surgery (performed because he'd had a heart attack).

Sure enough, it turned out to be a totally different person with a similar last name. This mutual friend had seen the similar name in a news report, and just *assumed* they'd spelled the name wrong. Always, always check your sources, folks! :D

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