Pulling the trigger on the Olympus e620 - decent price for everything?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by padrepaul77, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Thanks for the many responses I've gotten over the past week as I've thought about getting an SLR. I elected to splurge and invest in the Olympus, and get some extra lenses I thought might be useful. I'm going through B&H Photo, as they seem to be pretty reputable. I thought the prices were decent compared to Ebay, and I'll be saving some money over going locally to National Camera, a good company but a little pricey.

    Olympus E-620 SLR Digital Camera with 14-42mm & 40-150mm Zoom Lenses

    Olympus 70-300 mm zoom lens, $329.95
    Olympus RM-UC1 Remote Cable Release $44.95 (I love night, sunset photos and think this would be a good investment rather than touching the camera and holding down the shutter).

    Hoya 58mm filter kit - UV, Circular Polarizer, and Warming Filter and pouch $54.95

    I decided to save $5 and pick up a memory card locally, along with a battery charger at Best Buy. For all this, it's $1,245.15. I could have gotten the camera and three lenses used on ebay for $825 total with shipping, but unfortunately the auction ended early, so it's about $300 more to get it all new. I suppose the upside is it's new, and while the seller had good reviews I don't have to worry about what he did to the lens (or the real story on why he's selling it after just a couple of months).

    All in all I think the price is fair - any thoughts as to if I could have done better? (I'll wait to finalize the purchase to see if anyone thinks I'm spending too much, but I think it sounds pretty good to me). The only thing I'm a little torn on are the filters; basically I just want to protect the lens, but the kit seemed decent especially for shooting outside.

    Thanks again for the help - I think it'll be a great system to get my feet wet in SLR photography. I intend to use my Canon Powershot sx10 still quite a bit too.

    Padre Paul

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    Hey saw your post about this camera. How is it performing so far? Considering purchasing same unit.


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