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Mar 2, 2010
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Camera - Nikon D90
Mode - AP
Shutter - 1/1600
ISO - 200
Focal Length - 24mm

I broke the Rule of Thirds w/ this shot because I wanted to show a lot of sky and impress upon the viewer just how out in the middle of BFE this building really is. The unconnected power pole is another clue that the property has been long abandoned. There's some post work done in ACR and Photoshop here as well. I know some people aren't a fan of vignettes, but I used it here to sort of frame the composition and draw the eye towards the center.

Comments appreciated!
I am not fond of the composition. It's wishy washy, niether here nor there. Pole is distracting. If you are trying to show the great expanse of space, why close it back down with a strong vignette? If you want to give the viewer that feel of vastness, lose it.

There is a fine image to be had here. You need to find it.
I agree with losing the vignetting. I would leave the pole though, but I'm odd like that. ;)
Thanks for the reviews, guys. I definitely see what you're saying about the vignette in particular.

I revisited the location and took some additional shots. Hopefully I'll have the post work finished in a day or two.
I agree with losing the vignetting. I would leave the pole though, but I'm odd like that. ;)


I agree with this. Not that you are odd misstwinklytoes... I am not a fan of Vignetting in most circumstances. There are a few places where it belongs... But personally... I think most photos benefit by not having a Vignette. Just my personal opinion.

Nice shot otherwise though...

I am also intrigued in seeing it as a Sepia image...
Vignette ruins the shot for me

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