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Nov 17, 2009
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Tacoma, WA
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It's been a busy summer and I haven't been able to grab the camera gear and get some good shots. But last night my wife and I went and picked out the newest addition to our family.

Shot with D90 and 50mm 1.8. ISO 200 F/3.2 (if I remember right lol)



German Short Haired Pointer?
Spot on!

On a side note, are these photos too large for your screens? Flickr seems to have changed their layout and I'm not exactly sure if these are the appropriate size in terms of fitting on the monitor lol.
The images fit fine on my screen. And I really like the shots. #2 may be a tad overexposed, but not enough to make a big deal of it. Overall, I like the "happiness" of the images. Thank you for sharing!
The image size is fine. I'm guessing it's the large size? That is pretty much the perfect size. Not too big but you can expand it a little bit for some more detail.

Beautiful pup. Enjoy your new baby!

The first one is adorable:) Congrats on the new puppy, what a cutie!!!
The lens flare from #2 was intentional. I angled my lens to pick up some of the flare and overexposed slightly to bring about a different feeling. I have plenty that are properly exposed and look similar to the others but wanted to do something a bit creative.

I appreciate all the comments from everyone!
#1 is cute but I'm not loving the hard sun on her face.
#2 needs a little more contrast. (According to my droids screen.)
#3 love it.
I like them...number 2 is actually my favorite. I like the flare effect.
Thanks Texas! #2 is my favorite as well. I think I'm going to get a canvas print of it to surprise my wife.

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