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Apr 8, 2007
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Would 2" PVC pipe be able to support a 10'X20" vinyl backdrop. I have a support system mounted in place but need something to roll the drop onto...would the PVC do it or would it bend? If not, does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm going to guess you mean 10' x 20'...not inches...
But I would think it would bend quite a bit, if not snap.
A friend found an easy answer to the very same problem at the local muffler shop. They were able to crimp one end of 30 inch sections of stainless 2 inch pipe. The crimped ends friction fits into the uncrimped ends other pieces of pipe. He now have a background support crossbar that collapses into 30 inch sections. The whole thing cost less than 20 dollars.
You got Stainless for $20? WOW! The exhaust pipe sounds like a good plan. Fairly ridged but still light weight. Another consideration is EMT conduit for electrical wiring, usually comes in 10 foot sections, I think it would do 20' with a support on either end and one in the middle.

If I does not need to be moved around at all, than Black Iron gas pipe is a good way to go.

But with any tube/pipe set up it will require at least some center support. unless you want to shell out huge cash for 20' of box truss. :mrgreen:
You can also check out music supply shops. There are quite a few options to span 10' to which stage lights or small monitors are attached. The price is usually not chep but still a bit less than at a speacialty photography shop.
What do you guys hang your muslins or vinyls from? I have a support system but need something to hang my muslins so they will roll up? What should I use?

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