PW II's finally came in.


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Oct 14, 2007
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Montreal, QC, Canada
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Well, my 3 Pocket Wizard II's finally arrived and I had a chance to play with them yesterday a little. As expected, absolutely no surprises. They work as advertised, nice range, consistent, and look nice.

So, what do the PWs give me that my modded Cactus V2s units cannot? One small thing... 1/250th sync speeds. I was limited to 1/200th with my Cactus units, not that it ever bothered me at all, but it is nice to have.

Of course, range is greater, but I don't shoot the ground from a helicopter, so anything above 50 feet is useless to me, and the Cactus *were* reliable to over 350 feet.

They were no more or less consistent than the PWs... meaning I never had a misfire from them unless I forgot to turn off the sleep mode (something that will just as easily affect the PWs, if I forget).

The one *important* difference to me, that I am banking on and hope that will happen when the Nikon FlexTT5 units come out, is that they will also have "hyper-sync" capabilities and offer me 1/500th sync speeds with my studio and flash units that are not Nikon iTTL compatible with the PW II's. Having both studio lights and portable battery powered flashes able to sync at 1/500th is something that I am looking forward to *very* much.

I'm watching the PW site very closely for the day that they release the Nikon units.

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