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You get your Flickr account URL and then click on the web link icon (the one that looks like a globe with a chain link) and paste your Flickr URL in the box that appears and click 'Okay'. Now part of the link will be highlighted...this is where you type 'MyFlickr'. Click on the Preview Post button below to see if the link works (you have to click on your link once the preview appears).

Now you highlight 'MyFlickr' again and click on the "B" in the text box to make the letters bold.

Now you highlight the letters that you want blue (or magenta/pink) and hit the down arrow next to the "A" in the text box and select the color blue (or magenta/pink). Next you highlight the letters you want magenta/pink (or blue) and repeat the above process. Hit the Preview Post button again to see if your 'MyFlickr' link looks right and works right.

If you did everything right, it should look like this...


And clicking it will take you to your Flickr web page.
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You took a lot of time to explain that, good job!


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