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Jul 25, 2003
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Hi, I'm new to the board. I got my wife a canon eos rebel 2000 last year for her birthday. I would like to get her a lens and flash this year, if anybody can suggest anything that would be great. we generally like to take pictures of the outdoors and special events. she wants to take up photography as a serious hobby and I am also interested in learning more. so far we have just done a lot of experimenting and getting to know the camera. we look foreward to sharing our photos with you all and getting some good criticism and advice on how to improve our picture taking skills. thanks, Jody
I don't know what lens you have now, but if it is the kit lens(28-80), a 75-300 would be nice, especially for the type of photography she wants to do. If you can afford to stick with Canon, I would stay with them. Both lens and flash.
I know you mentioned lenses and flashes, but I would suggest a polarizing filter. This can be useful for outdoor photography because they can take the reflective glare off of open water, deepen the blue in the sky, etc. These are about $20 at your local camera store. They also usually turn to allow you to adjust the effect.

You might also want to have a UV filter, which can reduce the haze in the distance. At a minimum, be sure to put some sort of filter on the end of all your lenses to protect them from scratches.

For flashes, I suggest something that can swivel and bounce. Also, be sure to get one that takes four AA batteries at a minimum. The flash will be able to recharge faster than those with only two AA batteries.

Head down to your local public library and check out a few books on basic photography.
I agree as far as the lense goes, something-300 is a nice amount. I've gota 100-300 (i think) and I love it. While you're shopping I'd look for one that has a macro feature also, it helps a lot with small stuff. I don't know muc habout a flash though, except I have one and don't use it much so I'd say you could prolly skip that. but youre decision

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