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Feb 28, 2009
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I can tell such a difference in my pictures with my new Sony alpha 300. I want to show this "umph" when they are developed. I have uploaded to Sams and they lose it a little. Are all the commercial developing the same? In years past, I would go to Wolfe and could tell the difference. Do the pictures lose any quality when you upload instead of taking the card in?
I said earlier I would ask dumb questions.Could you tell me some of the places you use?
What you see on your screen can vary from other screens to the print. You need to have your monitor calibrated. What is it that you are seeing differently? Is it the colors or are they to dark or to light?
Every printer will have different "quality" in their prints.

I recommend I was extremely happy.

Another site highly recommended here and on other forums is MPix, but I wasn't as happy as I was with Adorama.

These two are more of a true "photo lab" than you see in stores such as Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club type stores.

Also, if you just use the kiosk instore, those are usually just inkjet print as compared to photo print, at least with the stores near me.
You could also look into color management hardware and software. You should check out Meridian Pro. They are a great professional printing company.

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