Question on Sigma 8mm Fish Eye

That is basically a new lens, but also a specialty lens. Look on flickr for pictures and google for reviews. As I just mentioned in another fisheye thread, these lenses are usually used VERY little and cost a lot for what they are... considering that you will use them VERY little compared to all your other lenses and are usually the LAST thing to buy after you have purchased all your other lens needs.

I would be surpried to see more than 1 fisheye shot in any portfolio... it is easy to get tired of looking at the effect.
If you can swing an extra $110, look here:

Sunex 5.6mm Fisheye

Best fisheye for cropped-sensor cameras ATM.
Anyone ever use a circular fisheye lens? I recently saw some photos taken with one and thought they were awsome! Looked at the sigma circular fisheye and the cost ended the thought of my ever getting one! LOL

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