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Dec 13, 2007
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I have a picture that I took. I was playing around with a mirror etc.
Anyways the picture has a foreign object on it, is there somewhere that I can post a photo for help that not everyone can see?
I would just like to know what/how it happened to turn out in the picture so it does not happen again.
you can send it to me and I could photoshop your image for the small price of free
Very kind of you to offer, however the picture is not worth the time or effort.
It's not a good picture as I was just playing around with the camera. Once on my computer I noticed a strange white block (for lack of a better word) above my head. I am curious to find out what it is as there was nothing in the room.
I was standing in front of a mirror, which may have played a part?
For the record the camera was below my chin facing front, so this thing is above my head, so not due to the flash. It's like a piece of paper is on the picture, very strange!!
bloopers section!
no problem. we cant really help much without seeing it though ;) Maybe it was a ghost!
Ahhh, so the photo can't be posted because it contains boobs? ;)

How big is the white thing? Iffy pixle? Dirty sensor?
Ahhh so sorry to disappoint, no flesh shots, just my ugly mug that I prefer to not have posted all over for everyone to see :lol:
well, no image, no advice i am afraid.

did you use flash? that can create strange things in images sometimes. in particular if there is dust in the room
might have been a reflection from the mirror bouncing about
put a big black circle over your face and post it. we're all curious!
Ok Here it is.
The thing in question is the one above my head, not the one over my face..:wink:


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