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Feb 7, 2009
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Has anyone purchased Photoshop CS5 “Extended” using the Student discount? - You can get it for a large discount if you show proof of enrollment in school. - From what I can read, there’s a lot in the “Extended” version that I wouldn’t need … at least at this time..

Anyway – wondering if this comes with a printed manual. Also, would this also include a new version of Bridge?? Program documentation is normally pretty lacking anyway, and this is supposed to be a huge program with a 'huger' learning curve.. Just wondered if you get any tools/instruction books with it, or are you left to purchase what you want as an aftermarket book…


A printed manual? HA! They tell you to go to the web site and participate in forums. I bought CS4 through the student store and it came with bridge as well as everything else. There is no training documentation, but I can't recall any software I've bought that came with a manual (when's the last time you saw microsoft office suite with a manual?). Personally I don't use any of the other programs, but being able to make PDFs is a nice side benefit.
i haven't seen a printed manual with anything for a long time.

As far as I know, You should be able to get the same student discount on other packages, not just the 'Extended' version.

Yes, Photoshop is a large program, with a large learning curve (if you want/need to learn it all). But really, a good portion of what it can do, won't ever be used by 95% of photographers. You might also consider Photoshop Elements, which is basically 'Photoshop Lite' you most of the tools that you would need, for a much lower price. It's also a fair bit more user friendly. But there are some things it won't do, which might be frustrating.

Another good learning resource, is NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). I believe you can pay for membership on a monthly basis, and then have full access to their full library of learning resources (not to mention a nice set of discounts on many things).

And I'd guess that Photoshop is one of the most popular pieces of software around. And as such, there are many many websites that are dedicated to the teaching of it. Not to mention, the rather large Adobe network of sites.
Napp is a yearly membership not monthly. Unless things have changed in the last month but you can get free shipping benefits from certain places and other discounts according to KmH. So if you order from B&H its huge savings lol.
I bought CS5 Extended (as well as Lightroom 3) with my Educator's discount. As far as I can tell, it is the same program. Yes, it comes with Bridge and ACR included.

No manual is provided, but there are extensive help files. I finally broke down and bought a year's subscription to training videos (cost me more than the program :) ). They're worth every penny.
The CS5 Extended - Student Edition use license only allows installation on 1 computer. The retail license allows installation on 2 computers. Other than that the Student Edition and Retail version are identical.

CS5 Extended has 3-D and Scientific features not included with just CS5 that can, and are used with photographs.

The Extended version is the only Photoshop choice for students. Adobe does not offer just CS5 as a Student Edition.

Online Instruction is included with the purchase of the program and there is other instruction, as well as online forums, available by clicking on the HELP tab when the application is open on your computer.

Photoshop gets used in ways Adobe never antisipated, making a manual superfluous.

If you want to learn the basics get: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book (9780321701763): Adobe Creative Team: Gateway

or a book collection of tutorials: The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter) (9780321703569): Scott Kelby: Gateway

or a more in-depth excursion: Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: a professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC (9780240522005): Martin Evening: Gateway
I have the student edition and it installed fine on my 2 computers (desktop and laptop).

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