Quick stupid question about Canon 1-series bodies

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Feb 7, 2007
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I know this si kind of stupid but the curiosity is rising. I just realized in the EOS 1 line pictures, there is no quick control dial. I've gazed at these cameras so much before but I just never noticed the absence of the dial until now. So my question is, how do they change between P, Av, Tv, and M modes? I mean, having to do it through a menu system would be a step back wouldn't it?
you know how you change the aperture on a rebel XT? I'm not sure if you do...but anyways...you hold the av button and turn the front dial right? Well, for the 1D I'm pretty sure there's a mode button and you push it and turn the dial. Because on the Mark III you can choose which ones will show up when you go through em....so if you never use Av, then you can uncheck it and you won't have to go through it next time.
I have used a 1Ds Mark II probably five or six times and after a few mental checks, all of the buttons to change settings are really easy. I believe it is a button ont eh back and you scroll using the scroll wheel. (err... sounds right)

One possible reason for not having the dial is it decreases the chance of water getting inside (although it is built like a tank)
Yeah, I know how to change the aperture and shutter speed on all of the other EOS bodies when in any of the modes but I just wondered how to do the actual mode change. Thanks.
ah that answer with the picture does it! Wow, those are some seious cameras + 3 EV *drools*
yep! loved my 1D and my 1D mkII rocks!
All major camera settings (Mode, Drive, ISO, etc.) are set by pressing either 1 or 2 buttons (at the same time) on the left side of the camera and turning the wheel.

All/most settings require two actions to prevent accidental changes... (takes getting used to but you get it pretty quick)

A 1 series film camera is SO FREAKIN cheap now!!! I saw an 1v HS a few weeks ago for $400. Wonderful camera.

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