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Aug 12, 2013
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Windsor Ontario
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I would have over exposed to get the background more and have the flash freeze the action going on. I would go for a lower perspective (angle), maybe more behind the guitar player. I attached a photo over exposed with the flash freezing the player. cool effect. or if you don't want the blur you can shoot higher ISO like the other attached photo, no flash.

To be completely frank, I don't see anything in the image. It took me a couple of seconds to even figure out that it was a guitar he was holding, the background is messy and distracting, there's no clear subject or purpose to the image, and the thing that drew my eye was the 'bullet belt'.
I agree with tirediron, for me this photo looks quite busy and it is difficult for my eye to really lock on to anything.

The following is just personal preference, but to my eyes it looks like the guitarist on the left is illuminated by flash. If I were photographing a scene like this I would use just ambient lighting and take a wider shot, by either stepping back or using a shorter focal length to get the faces of the guitarist and singer in frame and go for a black and white edit as I think that kind of shot captures the atmosphere of live music well (if that's what you were going for). To illustrate this I am sharing a shot that I took at a local band's performance last week. $DSC_2239.jpg
What I was trying to convey in my shot was the 2 guitarists looking at each other and playing off one another (my main vision was to highlight the chemistry between the 2 guitarists while they were trading off solos). Even though we can't see the faces in the subjects of your shot, judging by the orientation of their lower bodies, the guitarist is looking at the singer or looking at the same thing as the singer. I think if you showed the faces you could have taken a nice shot that shows some band chemistry. This is just my 2 cents though, and there are many different ways to capture a cool scene, this is just my take of it :wink:
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Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback. To be completely honest I linked the wrong image.
A little background. Brand new camera, I walk into my fav coffee bar for a brew last night and these guys are up there. Took my camera out and took a few snaps.
As for ambient lighting, I did take a few - the place was quite dark + the fact these were punk banks (a LOT of movement) I don't think I would have done well without the flash.

Posting the correct image now.
Much better, however the microphone is more in focus than the subject, if this was due to motion blur, maybe up the shutter speed abit :thumbup:
Yeah unfortunately, I only had my prime and I can't crop tighter since I would cut off the guitarist on the right who is already at the edge of the frame. I don't mind the blank space to be honest as it is pitch black and I think it's kind of a cool contrast with the relatively well lit guitarist on the left, but that's just me ;);)

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