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Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by Coralguy, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Here is one I shot of the kiddo's. They are excited to go see the race Saturday in TX. It's only a 4 1/2 drive and FREE tickets. From the outfits it is easy to see they are huge Danika Patrick fans. My parents wanted a shot of them so I just snapped it. I did not even think to actually set up the shot. Just pushed the kart out of the barn and shot it. The lighting is terrible, shadows are horrible, but it was something to do.


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    The thing about snapshots is they can be a good as you want to make them or just shoot and take your chances...., Grand parents love either.

    Im sure its a waste to tell you that hitting it with your flash would have taken care of all your problems. Since you are here you knew that I'm sure.

    Aside from the cute subject your composition is right on. You didn't cut our any of the car.

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