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Sep 18, 2003
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So I want to put a swing in my studio for portraits, the ceiling is a drop one so I cant attach the hooks directly to that, and I rent the space so I dont want to put massive hooks in the walls leaving 1/2" holes.

the plan is to build a frame out of 2x4's on both sides of the studio, and run two 2x4x12' boards across the room, and then put the swing on that. I want to make the swing rotate so I can adjust their position since I have a narrow space for a background. The idea is to put a 7" bolt through the two boards and into a shorter piece of wood that will be attached to the swing itself. Putting a 1/2" hole in the two boards will weaken the boards and prevent me from putting the boards vertically.

I am wondering if the 2x4x12' boards will be strong enough to hold the weight of your average senior girl. Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

does this even make sense? :D Its 4am, hehe.
Sorry, its hard to picture exactly what you mean. I would however say that if it doesn't work and you are sued it will cost and hurt your business. Surely a local fabricator could make up your requirement out of metal for not much money, maybe even something that can be quickly and neatly assembled and disassembled. Save money where its worth saving but not on something that could potentially be a safety concern
(Holes in the wall are easily patched.)

All or most of the drop ceilings I've seen are panels that can be raised and moved to the side to install/fix fixtures like fans and lights.
Why not inspect the ceiling above the drop and see if there are joists that can be used?

And certainly get permission from your landlord for anything that might change or damage the space.
I'm a joiner and I would make a frame that is hinged across the top with 2 A frames that also hinge so it could be folded flat and stored out of the way
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