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Random outdoor photos


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Mar 6, 2012
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Always been interested but new to using a nice camera and altering settings, I took these the first day I went out and was messing around trying to figure things out. They're not very good, and I didn't have much to work with, but what do you think?
Any tips or advice?


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i think #7 is quite good and #1 has potential, i like the idea but it's missing something, not sure what tho....
Yea, the location I was at wasn't very pretty and I had to get at all kinds of weird angles and positions to get these photos. I tried to take them where as to crop out houses and ugly parts, so they don't flow very well because I couldn't position certain things they way I wanted without getting things I didn't want in the picture. :/ This was just a first attempt at figuring out the settings on the camera I was using, which is my sister's until I can afford my own.

Prior to this I was using a phone and editing programs to take photographs. lol I actually think a lot of those turned out better in a way, but I also had a lot more to work with in some of them..

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