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Mar 12, 2010
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So I went on a adventure yesterday to find some new wildlife spots, and REALLY hoping to get a burrowing owl, I was on the road for probably 6 hours or so. unfortunately no burrowing owls, in fact there weren't many animals or birds out at all. but I was able to get a couple, so I guess the day wasn't a total waste. oh well, here are a few from the day, nothing special but enjoy anyways...

Male Pronghorn grazing

Common Raven sunning and preening himself:

Red Wing Blackbird:

and I almost broke my neck trying to get this one, but this is a close crop of a light morph Ferrunginous Hawk staring me down:

That last one the background was really not good looking, I tried to give it a little blur, but I don't know if it comes off looking too much like a fake background or not.
Keep in mind that "Nothing Special" to you are things that many of us will never see. We don't have Pronghorn Antelope or Ravens or Ferrunginous Hawks in this part of the country, so they ARE something special to me.

Beautiful shots, thanks for posting them. I don't think the background in the last looks intentionally blurred, but I do think it should be straightened ;)
thats why I posted them :D glad you enjoy 'em. you don't get Ravens in TN? I thought they were all over the nation (just took a look at cornell and it does look like they're only in the west and up in Canada, learn something new everyday)...they're everywhere out here. I saw a single telephone pole with 5 BIG ravens on it during this trip, they were all looking the same way and everything, I tried to get a shot of it, but they all flew away before I could get anything.

I didn't notice the lean in the last one, I'll have to straighten it, Thanks!
Nope, no ravens around here. I have friends in Arizona that I visit from time to time and I always enjoy listening to them squawk when I'm there though, simply because they sound so different. I'm sure they are a nuisance when you have to listen to them every day, much like crows around here.
oh, its not like they're a nuisance for me, I don't hear them constantly or anything, they kindof stay to the more rural areas, they're just fairly common, I probably see 3 ravens for every raptor when I'm out birding, especially in the summer.

if you ever see one sunning itself in the summer, its kindof funny to watch, they puff up and leave their beaks open (for temperature regulation I'm sure), but it just kindof looks funny.

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