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Oct 12, 2007
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Just a bunch of random shots from the past several weeks.




The first one is a little dark, and the fact that you can see the flowers are in a house doesnt do anything for me.
The second isnt that bad, but that light is a little distracting.
In the third Im not seeing a real subject, and the shops and telephone poles in the back are a little distracting as well.
I think the last ones probably the best. But next time try not to center your subject.
The last shot is the best. In each of the other shots, there are too many distracting elements and the subject is not clear.

For example, as noob873 stated, in #2, the light post is distracting. It looks as though it's a nature shot of the trees until you see the light post.

#3 has no clear subject - I'm guessing the subject is the bushes, and they are somewhat interesting, but there's power lines crisscrossing, and buildings in the background - it's too cluttered.

Keep at it though, you'll start to "see" your subjects better and find the angles to eliminate the clutter with practice.
thanks for the comments. :)

i'll try harder next time to get rid of/avoid the distracting elements in my photos.

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