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Raptor Chicks


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May 16, 2007
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Had to dig thru my old archives to find this picture for a freind and thought Id share and ask for critque.

Might need to resize it, but I LOVE IT! At 50mm, you must have been right beside them. What a great opportunity
Yes I should have sized it down for here. My freind wanted an 8x10 print and I am on a ship so I had to upload from the external HD via this cellular link. If you go over 4 gig a mounth they terminate your service. Anyways I didnt want to upload another of same file but smaller.
Thank you Ld3d. I am a bit close on the limit here.

Spent a lot of time hanging out a that nest sight getting closer a little at a time so they would not freek out to bad.
where did you get these osprey pics? its an awesome shot, and impressive that you still have a head
Got them here http://www.oysterranching.com/environment.html

I have worked around osprey all my life and they get used to you if you act right. Yes they will attack if they feel you threaten the chicks. It takes time ( days n days ) to gain a little trust.

Dig around the sight they put up nesting platforms for them . They are my neighbors.

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