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Jan 16, 2012
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Thanks in advance for any comments or criticisms!

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Nice family snapshot ;)

thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I'm new to this forum and to photography in general. I'm curious, does the word snapshot ever have a negative connotation? I would hate to inadvertently offend someone. Cheers!
  1. An informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small hand-held camera.
Snapshot is not an offense, but it is just the first "level" of shooting, done without thinking much at composition, exposure, and other details. The picture is nice because their faces are nice, but this is their contribution to the picture, not yours as a photographer. Here the background is blown out, for example. This is something you might have avoided using fill flash, although background is not so appealing.
Read also about composition. e.g., 10 Top Photography Composition Rules | Photography Mad
Anyway, you have two nice models for free, so you will have many occasions for learning :) .
thank you all for the effort to educate others on this forum... it is appreciated by me greatly
If you wanted to make this more than a snapshot, reshoot if poss without it being against the window as the background is blown out which means that Granny's hair is merging with the background as is baby's face.

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