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Oct 2, 2007
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I would like to know why when I look at my raw files on the computer, they aren't in 3872X2592 as I think it should be, and they are in 1308 x 1948. I can't understand why, and I can only find one program that can convert to tiff in 10mp size, but isn't the same size as the Jpegs that are taken.
2 possible causes: In camera resampling to make the larger files, or incorrect decoding of the RAW files.
What camera is it?
Samsung GX10 same as pentax 10mp model. I've been checking over my older photos, and all of the jpegs are ok, Its just that the raw images are out of size for some reason, and I have all of teh settings on full resolution, I don't understand
Anyone else have any other ideas? today I took my photos in both Raw and JPeg, the Jpegs come out as 10mp, and the Raw comes out as 2.55 MP what the hell is going on here? My camera softare converts the files to the right size, but I can't get it to work with Lightroom, or some other software
Is your camera supported in Lightroom specifically or is it guessing using some other camera's sensor conversion algorithm. Each camera model is different in the way it stores RAW data and the software needs to know exactly how to decode your camera's images.

But if your raw files are 16mb then 2.5mpx is definitely the wrong conversion. There may be a way around it but http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/cameraraw.html your camera is not supported by the CameraRAW engine yet.
Thanks for your help, I think I understand, Even when I read them manually off the camera however they are 16mb in size
Yeah I know. The RAW files are being stored correctly but the software is interpreting them wrong. That is my only explanation unless someone can shed some better light on the issue.
I have found my RAW files display a resolution of 160x120 in the details box when viewing the thumbnail of the file, however when I view the actual photo in Nikon Capture it looks fine and when I convert to Tiff the resolution is 3872x2592 the correct resolution for a 10mp camera. I dont let this bother me as the final prints look fine when printed up to 13"x19"
Different situation. The 160x120 is extracting the preview thumbnail which is embedded in NEF files.
What RAW converter are you using? Adobe Camera RAW in PS allows you to set the output resolution for RAW files when they are converted.

Need a little more info to help.

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