RAW's have Small Thumbnails in Bridge


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Oct 26, 2006
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Photos have looked fine coming from my D80 but since I started using the D300, all the RAW images are small thumbnails in either view (filmstrip, etc) in Bridge.

Is there something in Bridge that can be changed so they can be viewed larger. I prefer to use Bridge for preview. I have the codec for Vista to view the RAW files, but they take too long to load completely.

Thank you

There's a slider at the bottom of the screen that allows you to change the size of the thumbnails.
No, it's not that. I can make that all the way to the right (making it largest) and where the picture should be there is only a small picture in the center if that makes any sense.

Here is a screen shot. Notice how the left shot is smaller since that's the RAW file, the one on the right is a JPEG and if I make that slider all the way to the right, that JPEG WILL fill the screen. When I go to the RAW, it's not the same.

I'm wanting to get them bigger so I can run Bridge more often and see them larger



Try going to Edit - Preferences - Advanced and check "Generate Monitor-Size Previews", that may do what you want.
I went there and I don't have that option at all. I tried every different clickable box but nothing changed


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