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Nov 28, 2011
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Ok I'm going to do it, I'm getting some stuff printed off :meh: I've dragged my heels long enough on this and I am going to do it! (that sounds positive and like I'm definitely going to do it right? because as silly as it is this scares me! A physical print makes this stuff really for real, no more pretending and living solely in the digital world, yikes I say!)

So this one was the first shot that I said was going to get printed, looking at it again I wanted to tweak the editing since I've learned a lot since I did this one, the muddiness was really bothering me but now I wonder if the vibrancy I've got in this one takes away from the "painting" look?
This will be printed at about 13x19 on canvas and the source file is about 2400x3600.

So this is before and after, would love to hear your thoughts before I call this one good and get it printed especially if you see something that will effect printing in a bad way.
Thanks for taking a look!


I like the before much better.
yea, I like the first much better as well. it has a better range of tones and colors.
Upper right hand corner of the after show a sensor dust spot to clone out. The skies also seem too cyan, and not quite blue enough. ALso, the upper left corner's stark whiteness seems a bit too much; I might try to get that corner a bit darker, to help visually contain the top part of the image. I can see that both interpretations have a nice feel to them.
liked the earlier version better
Ok thanks everyone, back to the drawing board after I get Mr Rabbit out the door for nightshift.
As for me, #1 has the range, but can you get the sky any bluer? Also, I would be tempted to clone out the open water lower left.
First one looks much nicer to me, I would bump up the exposure maybe 1/3 and bring out the blue.

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