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Dec 6, 2007
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British Columbia, Canada
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I am using a Mac that came with IPhoto but my other computer was a Dell and I had Picasa on that one. I like Picasa better but is that available for a Mac?
I'm pretty sure it is. google it. Makes sense, since google makes it.
Have you messed with iphoto much? At first I really disliked it, but after learning more about it I like it a lot, and you can't beat the price. Go to apple and watch some video tutorials is you haven't already.
I'm going through the same thing with Aperture. I got my hands on a free copy but It sort of sucks but it seems stupid to shell out the loot for Lightroom.
I found Picassa was working nicely on my Dell.
I' am printing on a Epson Stylus R 380 and my photos would turn out exactly the same as they appear on my Dell screen (laptop).

However I had some problems with my Dell connecting to the internet.
I bought a Mac which works like a charm, but it came with iPhoto.
When I print my photos they don't show up the same as on the screen.
I usually have to make them look "lighter" on the screen in order to end up with a good print.

Out of the 20 different photos I print I have to throw on the average 3 in the garbage and need to adjust "on screen" (make lighter) in order to get a nice print.

I calibrated the screen properly but I keep blaming it in iPhoto.

I am waiting for Picassa to come out with a version that works on the Mac.
(Or get rid of the Mac, but it's getting expensive buying other computers, fcol!)

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