Received new SB600 today


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Feb 27, 2009
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I received my new SB600 today. (I know, yay!) I started reading the manual and wow, this is confusing. I am (obviously) going to continue reading it however I have some general questions.

This is probably the dumbest question but when do YOU use your external flash? I was taking some shots this afternoon with it and it makes the photos look great. Also, do you use TTL BL mode a lot or is manual better? -- I should probably finish the manual before I post this but...I am too curious on what people have to say.

Oh yeah, this makes my camera look so bad a$$... :D. Sorry, just a little excited.
I use manual alot when I do use it. As far as when to use it that is another question. It can be used a fill for when one side of a subject is really bright and the other is dark. There is off camera using the Commander Mode. You might ry going to Strobist and reading the little tutorials there as well. Plus there are tons of great ghetto ideas at the site.

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