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Jun 24, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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The parents were awesome, the baby hated the whole situation. They did everything to make him smile and so did I. We made him cry a few times but no smiles ;)
I have never worked in such a dark/small house before and I had to use my kit lens :confused: I was using one flash threw a white umbrella to the left and another bouncing off ceiling/wall to the right.
Let me know what I can improve on cuz I have more practice sessions coming up.
Thank you for looking.





Chopped his shoulder :grumpy:

Love, love, love #3!!! The child's gaze is so engaging, I can't look away. :)

When shooting older adults, try to get them to extend their chins out, to avoid that extra chin effect you see in 4 and 5.

This was done in a house? Were the walls painted black, or did you bring a background?
Ooh! Thats a great piece of advice Wildmaven, thanks.

I just used a black sheet thrown over some chairs. The walls were like an orange tan color.
the guy in 4 looks pretty seductive. did you intend on this? he kinda looks like he'll have nothing but underwear on in the next shot :p
Wow you did a great job especially considering the circumstances - great! I love number three also, he looks beautiful and his eyes are aweseome. Good job!
Billy - Ok, so I am not crazy lol I thought that to! No that was not my intention, thats just how he looked.

Maybe I shoulda yelled out from behind the camera - "Stop givin me sexy looks" ;)

Thanks for looking JimmyJaceyMom!

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