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May 8, 2007
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Valdosta, Georgia
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Here are a few portraits of recent shoots...I am trying to get my feet wet so I would appreciate all of the help that I can get. Thank you for looking!




great shots! only criticism i have for you is the shadow in number 2. tis a bit distracting, imo. other than that, i would be pretty darn pleased with these
I agree about the shadow billygrasmeder...the sun was going down and she was "on the move" so I was trying to get what I could because she would not be still for long...I guess I need to take more time composing the shot...thank you for you kind words
HI. I love the pose in taht first one - it's very cute.
I like all of the poses actually but watch out for shadows, like in number 2. I love the last one but play around with cropping to see if you eliminate some of the space abover her head it might give it something. :)
Number 5 needs contrast in my opinion and the 3rd one is such a cute idea but look out for the wrinkles and watch out for the white balance monster - ;) It alwasy creeps up on me too and it looks like you chose the wrong one maybe this time.

I did a really quick play with it and its obvious that it was quick but I am building a website so I have been pouring most of my time when my kids aren't driving me nuts into that. Its still not exactly right as far as color but i brightened it a smidge, added contrast and uynsharp mask and cloned out the wrinkles. If you don't want it up that is completely understandable just let me know and i will take it away. ;)

Thank you JimmyJaceyMom...I really like the contrast and brightness. I appreciate the is the only way that I am going to get better. I agree about the you think that getting paper instead of muslin is probably better? I am going to try to edit the picture and get your results...again I thank you for taking time to help me!
JimmyJaceyMom could you tell me exactly what you did to the picture...I am trying to edit it now and I cannot seem to get the same results that you did.
Thank you
I generally like them I think there are some exposer problems with the baby (no pun intended), one being the gray levels on number 4. The shadow on 2 you know about, but the flip side of that is, the face is washed out. Cute little girl btw.

I only mention this for 1 and 5 because I don't pay as much attention to this as I should either but, "the smiles" need a critique. I know that kids will be kids but these are old enough to mention to them "could you smile a little less please?" I know that sounds weird and it is probably more natural the way you shot them but the tongue thing and the gritty teeth thing on the boys lost me for the rest of the photo. I can't stop looking at them in a "hey, stop that" kind of way. The little girl in 5 looks forced to smile as well. This has nothing to do with the pose or the shot itself and you can't help what the people do in the photo... usually. But it is worth some direction on our parts as photographers to help guide them.

These are good shots on location. This is only my opinion and this should be taken as that; an opinion. Keep shooting and work on the lighting for the studio stuff. There are really good (and bad) lighting videos on the web you can look at to give pointers. Some people on this forum swear by too. It might be worth a look.

I really really like #1 :) I agree with the other critiques but keep it up!
You can avoid that whole shadow business in #2 by a crop. I also played with the levels and the dodge tool.


You might also want to get rid of the dirt on the elbow of #5. ;)
thank you for the comments...they really help me
I agree dpolston about the is very hard to get a child to do exactly what you want...
Probably not quite what you all had in mind


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