Recent photo of my wife I took


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Dec 15, 2011
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Okay so here is a recent photo of my wife I took.

I used a gold reflector and the wind as blowing so that made nice touch. I wish I would have a off camera flash behind so I could silhouette her but, I will soon

I know white balance is a bear and I think if knew how to customize it a little better, that would help with the light.

I did go to the HOME DEPOT and get some neutral white paint swatches and tried to it set it with that but it was too dark

Hopefully I will master it soon

Please comment on the pic
You'll find soon enough that folks on these forums don't often open links to images for security reasons, and also because we are all dubiously lazy. If you'd like CC on a photo, post the direct link to the image between a "
<a href="" title="2249 by tsmith7101, on Flickr"><img src="" width="333" height="500" alt="2249"></a>
Try grabbing the BBCode and try again.
her Face is too Gold for my liking, but all and all It's a Beautiful shot!

His shot for CC:


White balance is your main issue, yes. Pretty eyes, though. :)

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