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Jan 1, 2009
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Are there any brand (rechargeable) batt. that are better than most.
If so please explain, I have a kodak Z1012IS I get about 50 shots out for my current kodak rechargeable.

Thanks in advance

In reality the plants that make duracell and energizer also make cheaper brands at a much reduced cost and just re-badge them. Just look for the ones that have the greatest milliamp hours MaH for the longest lasting. The larger the #, the longer the life. With my Pentak k10d, I bought a battery grip which holds an extra battery. The Pentax brand battery came with it, and I also got an Impact brand with the grip. The Impact was about 50% cheaper and had a little higher MaH rating, and lasts a lot longer.
Thanks, you learn something new everyday. :D:D:D
I looked online for stores. I can find anywhere to buy ie: walmart, sears, ect.
My experience comes from micro RC airplanes, the ones that charge the plane from the batteries in the radio. This was prior to the Enelope batteries.

I've used quite a few brands of AA NiMH rechargeable batteries in my RC plane controllers. I found the cheaper Rayovac to outlast them all. Using the AA NiMH batteries in the radio to charge the Lithium Polymer battery of the plane can be rough on the batteries. I used the same 6 NiMH Rayovac batteries in my plane for several years. After I bought my camera, I used those same batteries in it for about a year before they gave out. After 3 years of useage in the RC plane radio, I have left my camera turned on for 8 hours straight taking shots all day long. It still had plenty of juice that night when I put them on charge. Same with the following day, camera turned on nearly all day with plenty of charge left that night before putting them on the charger. And again the following day on the car ride home.

I paid $15 for the charger and 4 batteries. After 4 years of heavy use in an RC plane and then the camera they finally completely died. I replace them with another set of Rayovac I got at Walmart for $5. 4 years of use for a $5 set of batteries is pretty good I would say.

Cameras using $5 AA NiMH batteries over proprietary $40 batteries is definitely a win in my book.
You may also take a look at the "Eneloop" rechargeable battery from Sanyo.

SANYO eneloop | Ready to use Rechargeable Battery - The only battery you will ever need

Eneloops are NOT good for many shots, they are good for not loosing a charge if stored a long time. EleLoops are 2000mah rated. You can get Energizers at 2650-2700mah. There are others out there that are 2900mah rated batteries.

As an example, freshly charged Eneloops are done by about 275-300 flashes in my SB-800 before recycle rates pass 4 seconds. Using the Energizer 2650s, I get well over 450 flashes and they still are not slowing down and have under 3 second recycle times at that number of flashes.

Leave the Eneloops for the remote controls and pocket wizards... cameras and speedlights deserve something better.

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