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Jan 15, 2008
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Saarbrücken, Germany
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Hello everybody!

I would like to buy a digital camera and could use some tips and recommendations. I want it to be small, so I can carry it everywhere with me. I want to use it for quick snapshots, so the time from drawing it to taking a picture should be short. I'd like it not to make sounds. Finally, I'd like it to have a standard protocol for communication with a computer - preferably USB mass storage (I'm a Linux user).

Could you hint me where to look?
Can you post a budget?

My favorite of all P&S is the Canon G9 which is pretty high end. Given that you want a camera for "quick" snapshots, the G9's high price ($500ish), and its relatively larger size, I am guessing it won't be ideal for you. My wife likes her Olympus SW... shock and water resistant. (She has a tendency to drop things).

As for standard.. most P&S cameras will at the very least save in a standard *.jpg format, on a standard flash media (Compact, SD, mini-sd), and using a standard filesystem (FAT). Assuming you are using a media card reader to transfer the files, you should not have a problem.
Thanks a lot for the responses! On the page you recommended, usayit, I found a camera that picked my interest: Canon A520. They never say if it's possible to take pictures silently. It's also not the most expensive I could possibly afford and doesn't have the fastest operation times... But I'm considering it. A similar model with shorter poweroff-to-snap time would be nice.

What's P&S by the way?
dpreview says that in Europe, it's called IXUS 860 IS and that it weighs 155 g. says about Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS that it weighs 799 g. What do you think about this? I wonder how to buy it to be sure I get the one you (and the review) recommend.

Update: OK, noticing that they state a weight incl. package smaller than the weight of the product, I stopped worrying about what they say. :) The good past experience with and the need to have the cam by Friday made me order it. Thank you very much for the advices, they helped me buy camera with a feeling that I know what I'm doing. ;-)

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