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Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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I entered it in the local fair & it took a second in the Landscape section.

There were 10 sections & I entered a pic in each one & placed in 5 of them, 3 firsts & 2 seconds. As well, I captured the most points in the Photography section winning $15 plus a studio sitting for an 8x10 portrait. I suppose the $15 will cover the cost of my ink to print the pics. :rolleyes:

This is the first time I ever entered a photo in any form of contest.


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Yeah, I do remember this, glad you entered! Congrats!

Fairs here don't offer much in the way of monetary awards to go along with the ribbons either, but it can still be fun to see everything displayed and see what ribbons. Good for you.

Congrats....Yes I do remember to have seen this earlier and also your comment that it has been framed.
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Hey, you did alright! I sure do recall that photo.
I remember, congrats Ron. Well deserved.

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