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Sep 8, 2003
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The twenty year anniversary of chernobyl is approaching - though seemingly forgotten by many - here are a couple of moving tributes to this sad event.

The famous 'kid of speed' doco on chernobyl

Warning - some pictures here may be a bit too graphic for some:

It would be interesting to hear opinions from east europeans point of view of this disaster - there are probably a few on this forum that in some way were directly affected by the fallout.
While I was not affected by it (I was already here, in the US), my mother was. She lived quite far from Cherobyl but there were radioactive clouds that were pushed into Romania by the weather events. There were many people affected by these clouds, in a way or another. My mom has been ill for about a year and a half after the incident, had numerous lesions on her face and received medicine (at no cost) to address that. Eventually it went away.
and imagine that I was 1 month and about 3 weeks old then...
That first link I think is the same one my boyfriend showed me quite a while's very interesting.
I read all of the links this morning, first thing ... I'm just now trying to post something and I still don't know what to say ...

It was a horrible event, but the shocking part is the number of years they speak of for things to be somewhat 'normal' again. Hundreds ... in some cases, thousands.

Reminds me of the sad ending to AI ... though this event was real.
Very sad.

20 years goes by fast. Does not seem like that long ago.

I remember a few of the helicopter pilots who dumped sand into the dome were brought to Seattle for treatment at one of the cancer centers.

All the firefighters, soldiers, medical people, and workers who were there at the start are all dead now. All those poor people still suffering.

Very sad.'s sad....that whole disaster is's said that the world can't realise that this was twenty years
I cannot confirm, but our family has suspicions that my cousin who was in Germany at the time came down with Leukemia shortly after. He had a twin, but still died from it.

It was a horrible event. Just goes to show the courage of rescue workers the world over. I.E Chernobyl, World Trade, etc.
Tsunami, Pakistan Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Larry and Monica the list goes on
Seagull76 said:
Please look at these photos
and sign this petition if you do not want UN to spend it's resources in promoting nuclear power.
Nuclear power is safe if properly cared for. Chernobyl wasn't. The plants are much cleaner than all other kinds of power plants (except for wind, solar, and hydro. And two of those are unreliable), and so much power can be derived from so little raw material. Where the concentration needs to be is the radioactive material disposal.

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