Replace 18-55 or purchase different lens


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Aug 12, 2013
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Hi, I have two 18-55 Nikon Lenses, one was in my Motorcycle tour pack and now it is not focusing correctly. My question is should I replace the lens with 18-55 VRII or go to a new lens like the 18-105 or 18-70? Or do I just bite the bullet and look for an 85mm or similar lens.
You don't elaborate on the reasons you have for needing any particular lens. The 18-55 VR is often bundled with an entry-level camera, and they are quite useful. Since they are pretty much all over the place at very reasonable prices, you should be able to pick up a good, clean copy for not much money.

If you now need a longer lens, which has nothing to do with the 18-55, then go for a longer lens.
I would say that if you liked the lens then buy another copy of it. If you felt it was lacking in some way ,then quite possibly another choice would be better.
If it is a DX camera, I would replace it with an 18-140 mm Nikkor DX. Much better lens with great range. I use it for 80% of my shots.

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