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Oct 17, 2015
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HI New here. My camera for of the last 10 yrs has been a Canon Alpha 100. (from ebay) 2 x lens 3.5-5.6/18-70 plus separate ,heavy, 70-300. This has become too big and heavy for anything other than a specific shoot, which I rarely do. And heavy in luggage for hols. I tried a cybershot but the menu is ver complicated to use and set.
I have a bout 500 UK ÂŁ. I need something lighter in weight, viewer and easy to use menu. But what else should I look out for please.?
I shoot holiday work -varied-, family, wildlife
Best Wishes
Is this a film camera, are you looking at digital.
If you find a cybershot to be too complicated to use then just about any DSLR will be even more complex. Although if you get an entry level DSLR from Nikon or Canon or someone and turn the controls to the AUTO position you'll be able to take 90+% of the pictures you want to capture. Then learn the controls and features one at a time.....
Hi looking for a DSLR. Apologies
The complexity is down to the style of menu. Sony Alpha 100 was lovely , The auto, AV , S, occasionally M. with Light balance, ISO, focal type etc etc are easy to use. The Sony cybershot Exmor R is cluttered for the most part - internally. Maybe all DSLRs are now complex with internal controls that are difficult to find and arrange in a hurry.
Thank you
I was going to comment on the camera make/model ... I don't think Canon would like being associated with Sony.

So you want an interchangeable lens digital camera in a small light physical size ??

Yes, newer camera's control setup does tend to get more complicated as more functionality becomes available and physical size gets smaller. You are not going to find many compact cameras with simpler controls than a DSLR with the same functionality.
All dslrs are a little complex if you want them to be. Most can be set up simply enough. Originally you said Canon alpha 100 which is why I thought it might be a film camera, as its sony I assume the 2 lenses you have are Sony or minolta.

Sony only make a few dslrs now (well actually none as the internals are slightly different) but f you want to stay Sony there is an a66 whivh is bulky enough. If you are happy to change system there are smaller mirrorless alternatives or other options from canon nikon or pentax,
have you ant preference?

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