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Dec 14, 2003
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A while back I had found this ol fire engine left to fade away in a farmers field north of the city. At the time I could only shoot through this wire fence from the side of the road. Today, while covering for one of our drivers at work, I had the chance to do a call near here.
I noticed they moved the truck to another location, but further away. I had to work on my trespassing anyways, so I pulled over. The biggest problem was the knee deep snow, and the 100yard walk to get to the truck.
The other problem was the guy yelling at me from the nearby brick company in the opposite field telling me to get lost. :lol::lol: I would take him a week to get to me with the snow, so I continued to fire off some quick shots.




Heehee, well done. And you're right, no way could he move through that snow to chase you off. Good work under pressure. My faves are 2 and the angle at which you took them.
Good story, good effort, good photos. I particularly like #2 and #4. Old firetrucks are always so interesting; the stories they could tell.
Good story, good effort, good photos.

Hey. Good wording.
May I please quote-steal it and say it would have been MINE had I only been here sooner???

For yes, Chiller, this truck is way too much a photo op to be letting anyone chase you, which you didn't (since the "chase" would have turned into a realtime slow motion, anyway, heehee), and I wonder why at all you were not supposed to take some photos of this lovely fire truck??? Why are they all so crazy about "property" and "trespassing" and all that, I wonder? But well, that is not to be discussed here.

My absolute favourite of the series is the last, I love the angle, choice of lens (wide, wide, wide! :D), colours, detail, lines (of the ladder) ... all! The others are all scrambling up onto the steps for Place 2. :D
Thanks so much everyone Really appreciate your comments.
Have noted this one in my "to be revisited" book I keep in the car, and when we lose the 2 feet of snow, I will go trespassing and get some better shots.
awesome shots and great story. thanks for sharing.

1 and 2 are my fav.
Cool series again Chiller, wonder if a chase through the snow would be a Canadian high-speed chase, ha.

Love the angle of #2 & #4 best. The way the front of the firetruck seems to expand towards the lens really shows off that fab old grill.
Thanks so much everyone. Appreciate your comments.
Kazoo.... I know eh? But then again my luck, the guy probably sported some fancy snow shoes or sompin. :lol: The snow was so deep, I could not get to the other side. :confused:
I like the distorted perspective of the second one.
Nice work, Chiller. We've got a 1911 LaFrance here that our city bought used in 1916. I'm a little surprised it wasn't scrapped during the War.
Hahaha awesome, my favourite are the second and the last I think the colours are pretty incredible especially in contrast to the snow and pale sky, certainly worth the trespassing...

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