Retrieve 5D photos

Sep 26, 2014
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how to recover photos from Cf card in canon eos 5 D camera? I used two programs and when I connect to the PC it does not recognize the card to scan. does anyone know a way to recover the photos? thanks.
In windows does the card show up in My Computer? Just burrow down until you find the folder on the card with the images. Drag that folder to the desktop. I just use any programs except windows to get the original images in my computer.
Or, are you hooking up the camera direct to the computer? If that’s not working but a card reader for a USB port. Facebook
If you'r PC doesn't even recognise the card you may be SOL. If you can get it to recognise it then Recuva is pretty good.
Could depend on card reader
My older cf card reader was usb 1 and was just to slow to allow the pc to read the card

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