Retro-Style Digital Rangefinder Camera Recommendations


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Feb 17, 2016
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a retro-style digital camera designed like the antique rangefinder (Fed 3 PE0655) shown in the image below.

I know that Leica has one out, but that one's a bit too expensive for me. As far as budget is concerned, well, I'm open to whatever is "fair market" price - I don't want to simply believe that the Leica is the only option. I was also considering Leica's smartphone and camera hybrid, but after reading and watching reviews, it seems to me that it's not really excelling at either (compared to its standalone competitors).

Thanks everyone and let me know!

Pictures via Google search.
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Fuji X series models maybe? Olympus also has some retro-looking models. MUCH of the "retro" look arises from the chrome body panels top and bottom, and then black handgrip areas, so...

Well, for that we're currently waiting for that new company Konost: Camera

Other than that, as Derrel said: Fuji basically makes rangefinder-like cameras, especially the new Fuji X-Pro2. They are only rangefinder-like, though. They have an optical viewfinder thats kinda sorta look like that of a rangefinder. And the X-Pro2 even has a "digital split screen" which emulates a rangefinder split screen when using the optical viewfinder (one can switch between optical and electronic viewfinder), but its in a corner, not in the center of the frame.

Also, Fuji X is "only" half-frame, aka APS-C. Nikon calls this DX, Canon calls this EF-S.

And the Fuji X glas is good. Really good. Theres Zeiss glas for Fuji X (Touit line) but apparently nobody cares, since Zeiss started with three lenses ages ago but hasnt done new Touit lenses ever since. Thats not the case on Nikon or Canon, where Zeiss glas is pretty ultimate. Thats how good Fuji X glas is. However, its also pricey.

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