Reverse lens Techinique


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Nov 23, 2007
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I'm assuming you guys have heard of it, no?
In case you didn't i'll beifly describe it. You take your lens turn it the worng way and hold it to the spot of the camera where you would normally put the lens, and this creates a "macro like" effect to the photos.

I had a couple questions on this.. Is this safe? Has anyone tried it before? Can it hurt my camera?

I wanna take a couple macro shots but I'm short of a lens. I treid it with my 18-55mm Kit lens but i want to kind of experiment. So is there any down side to using this technique?
No it will not hurt your lens or camera.
Yeah thats what i was guessing. I thought i'd scratch my lens..Maybe I'll have to experiment a little :\
I used to do it with film and, a 50mm wide open. Never tried it with a digital though.

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