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May 18, 2013
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MidAtlantic, USA
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These pics were taken at 1:30 in the afternoon during lunch minute. So much interesting architecture in the city it's hard to know what to capture and how to do it best. BTW, I don't have photo editing software like Photoshop, all cropping is done using 'Paint' Where/if possible, please suggest camera tech fixes instead of editing fixes.

Comments negative or positive are welcomed.


Old Supreme Court building. This one is a little skewed.

$Branch Bldg.jpg

Branch Building arches and name


I love these deco styled light fixtures and the grating over the windows. Front of Old Post Office.

$globe lights.jpg

Main Street side of Old Supreme Court building and one time Confederate Capitol.

$black and white building.jpg

Black and White building
Interesting series; the first one is grossly over-exposed but overall, some neat images. Why not GET some software? There's lots of freeware such as Gimp, or inexpensive alternatives such as PaintshopPro and Photoshop Elements. You don't have to edit the Hades out of every shot, but almost every shot does need a little tweak or two to get the most out of it. As for in-camera stuff, well, the two biggest things you can do are to get the exposure correct, and to hold the camera level and square to the scene.
Thanks, good advice. Still trying to adjust to the new camera and all the buttons, settings, screens, etc. compared to my old film 35mm.

Since I just purchased the camera I have to save up for the next items....100mm macro, Speedlite 430 and then the software (which will probably update again or go to cloud only monthly fee before I can afford it.)

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