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Oct 9, 2007
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greater NYC
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Saw an article on that - astounding that the negatives survived at all - and especially through such a strange succession of 'owners'. Even more amazing is that the old nitrate stock is in good condition.

Iconic shots - important work that had been presumed lost.

But a good part of the world's population don't even KNOW there was a Spanish Civil War - much less what was going on.... a prelude to WWII, a proxy fight between Fascism and Socialism/Communism before WWII...... heck, WWII is ancient history to most...

nonetheless, a very interesting chapter in history - the volunteer brigades fighting for the Popular Front in particular ... being a 'premature anti-Fascist' got you in a lot of hot water in the paranoid 1950's.... always thought that was absurd... if you fought against Fascism in the 30's - BEFORE most recognized the danger - you must have been a Communist sympathizer....

sad - but the lack of commentary here only reinforces my point.

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