Rolleiflex E2 and Flash


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Jan 4, 2007
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I have had very good results using a Vivitar 550FD Flash unit with my Rolleiflex E2. Using Ilford Delta 100, I set the f/s to 4 and I think I set the shutter speed to 1/60. This is where my question comes in. Because I have failed to keep a journal (I'm going to for now on), I cannot remember if that is the shutter speed I used and where I learned that this is a good shutter speed for using with the flash.

Is 1/60 a good shutter speed to use under these conditions?
Shutter speed is not relevant to flash photography in that the flash only lasts between 1/2000th and 1/10000th of a second. You only need to stay within your camera's sync speed to make sure that the flash goes off while the shutter is open.

Shutter speed is used to control the amount of ambient light you let in for the background. If you let in too much you can still get blurry photos but most often you will have no troubles.

Aperture is what you use to (manually) control the flash (I said this badly but research it a bit and you will see what I mean). Look up "dragging the shutter" at and other places.

What is the camera's sync speed? With the Rolleiflex E2, the shutter and aperture are controlled independently of the flash are they not? The flash just goes off when the shutter opens or am I missing something?

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