Rosco beat me to it! Good for strobists though.

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by RyanLilly, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Well a few months ago I was ready to put up a poll to see if people would be interested, and start putting together some strobist gel kits. I figured that gel was hard to come by outside of major cities, and when you do find it local or order it, you have to buy full sheets, of a couple square feet, and all you need is a few inches. Well Rosco beat me to it.

    Rosco US : Film/Video : Strobist Kit

    This kit look OK and its pretty good for the price.

    But...My gel selection would probably be somewhat different.

    Seeing that strobes have a fairly high color temp, The CTB filters seem like overkill, yes the sun can be extremely blue at times especially at midday with a cloudless sky, but more often than not we are lowering the color temp of a flash not raising it. So 15 cuts seems excessive. The ND filters seem a bit unnecessary; most people would rather turn down the output and save batteries, rather than use a ND filter. Yes there could be some variation in color temp with power, but I have never seen anyone notice it much less complain about it.

    Then there is the plusgreen, a very useful filter, but they only include full plussgreen, when some 1/4 and half would be nice to mix with anbers(there is also no light amber) and pinks in order to match high preasure murcury, sodium, and metal halide, etc

    The other colors are useful but I personally would have picked some others(maybe just more of them), and maybe some LEE filters, but I'm obviously not going to get that from rosco.;)

    Anyway, I think that most people will be happy with this kit for starters and its only $10. I'm really nitpicking here, and its nice to see a strobist oriented kit, and its quite a good deal considering the variety of color included, and the labor that would be involved slicing up all that gel by hand myself.

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    I have one of these and like it. B&H sells it in a kit with the Lumiquest Fxtra too, if you are interested. did a write up on these a few weeks back and I ordered right afterwards.

    Strobist: Rosco Thinks Big by Thinking Small

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